Mariotti Family
Hunter Hayes

I grew up under Mrs. Alba’s tutelage and, after having experienced many teaching styles in locations as varied as Vienna and Tokyo, I can confidently speak to her uniquely granular attention to detail and invaluable method of instruction.


Mrs. Alba, unlike many piano practitioners who can play the instrument well but not necessarily teach how to play the instrument well, is process-oriented and more interested in building a student’s foundation in rhythm, auditory skills, and technique than just teaching them to regurgitate pieces. 


The effects of this are prolific; students, even at a very young age, are able to understand what they are playing in a broader framework and thus have a toolkit for learning on their own going into the future.


In addition to developing this independence, the Suzuki method results in a compounding effect meaning that the student’s pianistic development is not linear, but exponential. Growth begets growth, and students will learn that practice leads to results.


It almost seems like magic the first time one is able to play through a two-handed piece from start to finish.  But, in reality, it is the result of many hours of hard work, repetition of the exercises Mrs. Alba assigns, and well-guided auditory development.  Further, the skills students develop under Mrs. Alba’s tutelage are transferrable to practically every other discipline; whether it is athletics, academics, or other performing arts, all of them require the same foundational elements that students acquire from her lessons. 


As a concert pianist, National Merit Scholar, and former Division I athlete, I cannot stress enough how much of an impact Mrs. Alba’s teaching had on my development in music and beyond.


-Hunter Hayes

“Our daughter is now 8 and has flourished for 4 years of Suzuki Piano with Ms. Alba.  We have thoroughly enjoyed all facets of this unique musical discipline and highly encourage others to experience the magic of Ms. Alba’s professional teaching techniques”


-David Mariotti

Calling her weekly sessions “Ms. Alba’s Suzuki piano lesson” doesn't even begin to accurately describe what transpires in that 30-60 minute session with her students.


Both of my children have been studying with Ms. Alba from very young ages. It was originally my decision to enrich their lives with the gift of music, not theirs. Eventually my son, who now 15, became hooked and considers his playing a part of who he is. He surprised me when he stated that piano lessons were his favorite part of each week because he is involved in so many other activities that he loves: swimming year around, marching band, and his studies in the honor program in HS.

My daughter, on the other hand, has a learning disability and never truly enjoyed piano as much as my son. It’s not easy for her. She doesn't practice at home much but despite her complaints I believe that music education is as valuable as her academic subjects. And so she continues to press on and gain invaluable “therapy” seated at the piano each week.


Ms. Alba is a part of our family. She is more than a piano instructor. She has facilitated qualities in my children that cannot be bought or taught in few sessions: respect for others, patience, belief themselves, pride, honoring their parents, and good manners.

The true reward comes with a commitment to Ms Alba’s Piano School for the long haul. Music had become a way of life for my family and I am so grateful.


-Jennifer Mallon

Jennifer Mallon